Sunday, July 17, 2011

young stunner

this little one flew right into my sliding glass door as i sat at my drawing board. it flopped around a bit then managed to get to its feet but was still in shock, it just sat there blinking and closing its eyes. loosing its balance and righting itself. i went and sat down beside it to have a look and noticed it had a tick right under its eye. i went inside and grabbed tweezers then went back out to see if i could remove it but it wouldn't come out so i used some nail clippers and cut it out. the bird was still in shock and just sat there blinking on. i smeared the tick on the step and an ant came promptly to eat away at it. i sat with the bird for a minute and removed another little insect that was clinging on to its feathers then went back to the drawing i was working on. every once and a while i'd steal a look over at the bird, still staggering and blinking. after about ten minutes it regained its senses and flew off.

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